Best 2022 Tour

Tour Scrapbook – Best of Munich, Salzburg & Vienna in 8 Days Tour

“To me, understanding people and their lives is what travel is about, no matter where you go.”
― From Travel as a Political Act, by Rick Steves

Why this is our 3rd Rick Steves Tour

Fun & Easy & Safe: Rick Steves small groups make it easy to get to know the other folks on the tour. Raj, my assigned buddy and I still keep in touch somewhat regularly with texts. Where else would a 35-year-old woman originally from India, now living in Canada and a grandma living in Colorado USA even meet?!

Rick Steves tours get moving early avoiding crowds and heat. We don’t wait in lines wasting our precious vacation time. We have buddies to make sure everyone is accounted for.  We are mostly a gathering of educated, adventurous, open to the unexpected people.

Our Guide & Itinerary: Rick Steves tours are a great combination of a well-planned schedule with a good blend of free time. Between Rick’s books, podcasts, videos, newsletters and our informative guide we have many choices on how to spend our unscheduled time – including resting back at our hotel. The same goes for the meals. It’s entertaining to eat with folks on the tour and not have to plan dinner on our own and it’s a good change to be just the two of us.

Iris, our guide, regularly drew our attention to landmarks in order for us to find our way back more easily. Iris was very kind and open to questions.

Hotels & Being Active: Rick Steves hotels range from the cute and quirky to the fancy and elegant and it’s all fun! Attention to detail is a given. From laugh-out-loud faces drawn on the hardboiled breakfast eggs wearing knitted caps, to so many choices and then having a waitress ask is there something else she can get you – this is a memorial vacation!

We live in Colorado. We walk our dogs in the mountains every day. We appreciate and enjoy getting to eat and drink our way across Europe knowing we will walk it off every day!

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrowmindedness.”

– Mark Twain